Over the Heuberg

  • Route23 km
  • Altitude meters450 m
  • Type of tour:for road bikes and mountain bikes


A variety-packed tour with a challenging climb to the Daxlueg, on gravel over the Heuberg, then down a section through forest back to a paved road leading to Schwaighofen. Now a pleasant ride via Salzburg back to Eugendorf. Greeting you on the Daxlueg is a magnificent view of Salzburg City, all of Flachgau and, with good visibility, extending all the way out to Southeast Bavaria, including Waginger- and Chiemsee lakes.


Panoramic view of Salzburg, Flachgau and Bavarian

Refreshment stops

Berghof Dachsteinblick in Schwaighofen, Dax Lueg